Ruisseau du Lirou - river Orb - Snow in Béziers
Ruisseau du Lirou - river Orb - Flooding in the low lying Faubourg of Béziers

Confluence of the
Lirou 'Ruisseau' brook
and the
River Orb

6 January 2003 - SnowLirou brook - river Orb, snow in Béziers
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27 February 2003 - FloodingLirou brook - river Orb, flooding in the low lying Faubourg of Béziers

Quite a start to the year, snow is not common here, on average about once every ten years, the flooding was more frequent but in the last few years work has been done to reopen more arches of the old bridge and now this is completed there is far less risk of a high tide like this, in fact the area where the dogs are walking has been removed and the arches to the right cleared. The whole area has been landscaped with an amphitheatre and riverside walk.

For more photos of the flooding and the work carried out on the old bridge to re-open the additional arches. [Click here]

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