INJALBERT (1845-1933)

Jean Antoine Injalbert, Béziers born sculptor.
He worked in many of the great towns and cities of France, examples of his work can be seen in Paris, Pézenas, Rheims, Montpellier, Sète etc.

The son of a stonemason, Injalbert served an apprenticeship with an ornamental sculptor, he entered the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1866 with a municipal scholarship. His teacher was Augustin-Alexandre Dumont. In 1874 he won the Prix de Rome with a figure of Orpheus, and at the Exposition of 1889 he won the Grand Prix.

The two scultures, right ands below, are in the Plateau des Poètes in Béziers

Statue, Monument aux Morts, by Jean Albert Injalbert, Plateau des Poetes, Beziers
Statue of Atlas by Jean Albert Injalbert, in Beziers
War Memorial Statue of Atlas

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